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Choosing a credible and proven drinking water filter can be a challenge especially if you aren’t much of a technology products enthusiast. We purpose to make the job easier for you through a checklist that should take you closer to something credible.

The volume

Water filters come in different sizes and you need to make sure that you choose one that suits your water consumption per day. For instance, there are what are known as Pitcher water filters. These are one of the most affordable filters but they are more suitable for a basic home supply so before you let the excitement take you to the shopping mall, it is always wise to have a clear idea of how much water you use and then relate that to the volume of the pitcher on the market.

The flow rate

The filtration process usually takes its fair share of time and this often implies that the overall flow of water is slowed down. If a filter takes too much time, it can pose a significant inconvenience to the consumer. This makes it imperative that you check the flow rate of any water filter otherwise you may end up throwing it in the trashcan because it’s no longer practical.

Look at the certifications

Manufacturers are fond of making claims about their products ability to remove certain contaminants. It is always prudent to check with these claims as they may simply be an attempt to make you buy the product. Make sure the water filter has been tested before, not by the manufacturers themselves but an independent institution or organization such as the Water Quality International or the NSF.


Any filter comes with a number of attachment features depending on how permanent you would like it to be. Some filters are designed with a degree of flexibility, that is, they are made to be easily shifted or dismounted in case the consumer is not a permanent resident of the building. Examples of these are pitcher, faucet and counter top water filters. On the other hand, some filters are made for permanent mounts such as the under sink filter which may need some hole drilling thus raising the need for a certified professional to install.


Warranty is always an indicator of the manufacturer’s commitment to providing a quality product and water filters are not an exception. You would want to have something that has the capacity to stand the daily usage it is subjected to. The length of time may vary in between manufacturers but a 90 day period seems to be the standard.