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Elephants Taken Advantage Of For Tourist Industry

A disturbing example of uninformed tourists paying for the abuse of exploited exotic animals. Their nightmare begins after all paying tourists have left. Stop contributing to the abuse of exotic animals. Elephants don’t act like this in the wild. Please educate yourselves on the “spirit breaking” and see what really happens to these elephants. Because humans pay for it and as long as they continue to pay, animals will suffer.

We know elephants get tortured and killed but the video doesn’t show that.. Why can’t people just appreciate the beautiful moment like this and make it out to be a bad thing.. Get a life and if it’s full of problems don’t take it out on the video.. It’s a beautiful and touching moment but y’all wanna make a big deal outta of it..

Most of us feel affection for baby elephants. We are all loving at the deepest levels but our dualistic nature’s deceive us into thinking we love animals. Why then do we hire killers in factory farms to abuse over 100 billion farm birds and animals and end their lives in a brutal careless way. Getting rid of pests is one thing but taking advantage of helpless animals is another, no matter the case.

Otherwise good people eat these precious beings not wanting to know the horrible way they are kept in prison farms. Isn’t this why we hurt and neglect each other .