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AquaNet is Canada’s research network in aquaculture. It was established in 1999 as a collaborative research network involving universities, industry, government and non-government organisations, with an annual budget of $3.6 million.

Mission: To foster a sustainable aquaculture sector in Canada through high quality research and education.


  • Diversification, sustainability and stability of marine and fresh water resources and species being harvested, based on businesses that are drivers of innovation and economic growth.
  • Harmonisation of fisheries resources exploitation among all users, including commercial fisheries and First Nations, based on integrative and collaborative research and development and its application in the user community.
  • Integration of aquaculture with other industries (tourism, oil & gas, etc.).

Strategic Priorities

  • Advancing Interdisciplinary high quality research that addresses sector needs and concerns.
  • Increasing the number of highly qualified personnel through education and training.
  • Establishing effective networking and partnerships among academic institutions, federal and provincial agencies, private sector and non-government sector participants.
  • Effectively translate findings to the research user community.
  • Help build an environment where Canadians are informed and supportive of aquaculture.

Underlying Principles

The following underlying principles characterise all research and related activities funded by the Network.

  • Contribute to reducing uncertainties and risk associated with aquaculture operations.
  • Provide new and innovative approaches for the sustained management of aquaculture.
  • Reflect a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge available, including scientific as well as local and traditional knowledge.