How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

Recent years have seen prisons add a variety of accommodation options for prisoners, such as therapy centers or the chance to increase their education via on-site courses.

  • Amazon allows family and friends to send books or magazines to each other in addition to the above activities. How does it work? For more information, read on!
  • How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon In 2022
  • Amazon customers may send magazines or books to prisoners by inputting the inmate number in the Amazon order form. You can send books or magazines to inmates as long they do not contain any depictions that are considered triggers for prisoners, such as violence, racism, and sexual content.

  • If you’d like to learn more about the steps to sending books and magazines to inmates, Amazon’s policy for sending packages to prisons and more, keep reading for more useful facts and tips!
  • How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

    How do I send books and magazines to inmates using Amazon?

    To send magazines and books to your inmates via Amazon, you must follow the below process.

  • Log in to Amazon and navigate to the Order Page. In the order page, enter the complete name, unit number, as well as the inmate numbers. For the correct correctional facility/prison, enter the address and choose the state and city where it is. Check the box that says “Gift.” Customers are required to check the “Gift” option, as neglecting to select it may require the inmate or prison to pay a fee. Select the delivery option you prefer, and then click on “Place Order.”
  • Customers may use DoNotPay’s search tool to determine the location of inmates they wish to send their books. However, customers must have full names, identification, and/or unit numbers.

    It is important to note that Amazon requires customers to ship their packages direct. Customers may not buy books from third-party sellers who don’t fulfil Amazon orders directly.

    What Is Amazon’s Policy for Sending Books and Magazines to Inmates?

    Amazon says they will send parcels to prison inmates according to their policies.

    Amazon asks you to get in touch with the prison for which your inmate is being held so that Amazon can deliver packages.

    Unlike most packages, Amazon will not include any special instructions on the outside of the package and will only include Amazon’s name, destination, and return address.

    How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

    How Many Books and Magazines Are You able to Send to Prisoners?

    In order not to trigger any disturbing or dangerous behaviour from inmates, customers who send magazines and books to prisons must adhere to these guidelines.

    Customers must follow the checklist below when choosing books or magazines they wish to have sent from Amazon.

  • Must be completely new
  • No more than 3 products per packaging
  • Paperback books only (hardcover copies can be used as weapons)
  • Cannot contain any sexual content, violence, racism or gang-related behavior
  • It cannot be shipped by any third-party seller that doesn’t fulfil orders through Amazon
  • Send by USPS
  • Not allowed to be sent anonymously
  • Addresses must be made to specific prisoners and include inmate ID
  • If customers are wondering which types of books are most appropriate, it’s recommended they send books with overall positive messages such as self-help/self-improvement books, science and nature, sudoku and crossword puzzles, and other similar books.

    Inmates who are incarcerated for nonviolent reasons may be allowed access to a broader range of books.

    But, customers should be extremely careful with the books that they send so other prisoners don’t get hold of them.

    What is the best way to locate an inmate who would like magazines and books?

    Contact the prison where you are being held to find the person to whom books should be sent.

    Only the unit number or inmate ID of the prisoner to which the customer is sending the parcel, and the prison address are required.

    If customers don’t know where the prison is, they can search engines such as DoNotPay for the exact address.

    Customers should note that when sending magazines and books to inmates, they must not send the package anonymously, and it must be addressed to the specific person it is being sent to.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon customers can order books or magazines for inmates by entering inmate numbers, units and prison addresses on the Amazon Order Page.

    Sending magazines or books to customers is not allowed.

    Also, only paperback magazines and books may be sent to customers. A hardback book could also be used as an instrument of war.

    Amazon requires customers to order packages from them directly. They may also not be able to mail packages themselves.

    .How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

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