Best Sippy Cup For Kids

Nuby Thirsty Kids No Spill Flip-It Reflex Stainless Steel Travel Cup, 10 Oz, White

Features: – Keeps drinks cold for up to 10 hours – Easily fits in little hands – Durable – Made of 304 food grade stainless steel – BPA-free materials – Safe for children

Looking for a spill-proof cup for your little one? Look no further than Nuby’s Thirsty Kids No-Spill Flip-It Reflex Stainless Steel cup! This cup is perfect for little ones who are prone to spills and is easy to clean with its soft silicone spout. The cup is also easy to grip and fits comfortably in little hands. Keeps drinks cool for up to 10 hours!

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup, Green/Blue, 10 Oz, 2 Count

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup, Green/Blue, 10 Oz, 2 Count Bpa free 2 pack toddler sippy cup with dentist recommended, spoutless design 360 degree drinking edge eliminates spills completely Cup automatically seals when child stops drinking Easy to clean, with no extra valves or parts top rack dishwasher safe 12 plus months You will love this Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup! The 360 degree drinking edge eliminates spills completely, and the cup automatically seals when the child stops drinking, making it easy to clean. The cup is top rack dishwasher safe and 12 plus months old.

Looking for a toddler sippy cup that is safe and spill-free? Look no further than the Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup! This cup features a 360 degree drinking edge that eliminates spills completely, and is easy to clean with no extra valves or parts. Plus, it is top rack dishwasher safe for 12 plus months.

Best Sippy Cup For Kids

Best Sippy Cup For Kids

The Finalists We Tested

Due to the high volume of sippy cup product offerings available, we started by creating a list of the top-rated sippy cups offered across Amazon, Target, Walmart and specialty baby stores.

Our friends as well as a private online parenting group were surveyed to discover what parents are looking for. What do they love about cups? And what do they dislike.

We then narrowed down the list by looking at the highest number of online reviews and ratings above 4-stars for each retailer and cross-referenced our list with Reddit at /r/beyondthebump, review site BabyGearLab and parenting websites Mom Loves Best Lucie’s List Types of sippy cups and other transition cups Soft-spout sippy cups: Soft spouts are designed to be gentle on gums while teaching a baby to drink from a spout. They’re sometimes called “trainer cups” or “transition cups,” though those labels are also applied to all the other types. A soft spout has air vents that help to reduce swallowing and allows more water through it than a bottle naple. They are easy to hold and drink, but we don’t blame parents if they look a lot like fast-flowing fancy baby bottles.

Spouted sippy cups: This is what most of us think of when we hear “sippy cup.” The spout means a child can control the flow pretty easily and won’t dump a whole cup of milk on his head without at least giving you a fighting chance. Although spill-proof sippy cups save you time and effort, cleaning the inside of the silicone seal or spout can prove difficult. Recently, studies have raised concerns about tongue-muscle development, tooth position and speech pattern problems in kids who use spouts for too long.

360deg / Spoonless cups: While this cup is relatively new, there are many improvements. Although your child can still control the flow with their mouth, the lid will stop leaks. In most other respects it works just like regular cups. After all the fuss about spills, this cup has been gaining a lot more attention. Recommend for children aged 12 and over, although the learning curve may not be as steep as we thought.

Straw sippy cups: This is the other way to deal with the concern raised about spout-style sippy cups: the straw doesn’t interfere with tongue position as much, and it forces better posture (since you have to hold the cup right-side-up for the straw to work). They are much more easy to clean than sippy cups, as long as there’s a way to scrape the straw from the bottom.

Total Product Score Easy of Use Spill-proof Cleaning Material

Spoutless Cups A. Nuk-Magic 360 B. Munchkin-Miracle 360

Spout Cups C. Tommeetippee D. Munchkin E. Gerber Students – Fun Gips F. Nuk Large Learner Cup

Straw Cups H. the First Years Take & Toss H. NuSpin Kids Zoomi I. Phils Avent – My Bendy Straw Cup

What We Tested

Test of ease of use We evaluated the cup’s usability with two toddlers. They were asked to test how they gripped the cups and how well the straws worked.

Each of the sippy cup styles we tried scored 5 out of 5, except for those from Klean Kanteen or Pura. A two-year-old volunteer claimed that each cup was too heavy. She returned the cups one at a time, but eventually, she started to enjoy the Lifefactory glass sippy. During testing, the sippy cups were about 50 percent full.

When you first see the “360deg spout” cups, you’ll probably be as baffled as we were about how they work. You can’t simply tip the cup back to pour water in your mouth using the spill-proof silicone lids. These are just like regular cups. Seal the lid tightly with your lips. Then, you can use them like any other cup. Surprisingly though, it was almost as easy as for us to understand.

This is a tricky rating because kids won’t have trouble with straw cups unless you alternate between straws/spouts. When you give your children one method of drinking from a cup they’ll expect you to do the same with their next cups. Our children became proficient at switching cups after the testing period. We felt terrible for our kids when they attempted to drink out of the Philips Avent for the first time. The cup is spout-like.

We rated the sippy cups from a score range of 1-5 (1 being the leakiest) in the following tests: inversion (being held upside down), shaking while upside down and dropping on a hard floor from a height of about 22 inches.

The Nuk Blue Turtle and Jungle Animals cups scored high in early testing, but by the end of five months the ends of the soft silicone spouts had split enough that they now drip steadily when held upside down.

These sippy cups are spout-style, and have the best results overall. They use tiny, tightened silicone seals on their tips. Sadly, that’s also the reason they’re so hard to clean.

These 360 cups, also known as “spoutless”, are our favourite for spill prevention.

For a water cup, these are all pretty great; we didn’t feel bad about letting our kids walk around the house or climb into bed with any of them so long as water dribbles were the worst result. The flat-topped 360 cups are the best for packaging in bags. Because of this, any pressure will only seal it more.

It was easy to clean. We looked at a variety of factors, including how big the bottles are, how large can you fit a sponge inside, what tools are needed to wash them all, and can there be any areas that are impossible to clean without a team of tiny janitors. Every cup was given a score of 5 points.

Best Sippy Cup For Kids

Oral health and Transition cups

Two of the drawbacks to traditional sippy cups are their placement in your mouth, which can cause irritation and push on the development teeth. With the help of the 360 “spoutless” design, both of these issues can be addressed. It is an excellent transition to an open top cup.

With one of our test-toddlers, we noticed right away that she didn’t use the Magic 360 cup like a bottle when falling asleep sucking down water for comfort rather than thirst like she previously has with a spouted sippy cup. Although she still drinks if she is thirsty, it’s not a habit. This will result in less night wetting and, hopefully, reduce her bedwetting as she moves away from overnight diapers.

Nuk – Magic 360 Vs Munchkin- Miracle 360 Nuk offers some slight advantages over Munchkin, despite their similarities. As long as you don’t see Munchkin’s sippy cups while you stand in front of an aisle of sippy mugs, grab one to go and your toddler will follow you down the other aisle with a tower of basketballs. If you’ve got a chance to buy the Nuk, though, it’s our pick of the two for milk and our favorite overall.

One, the Magic 360’s transparency allows us to see what liquid it is. This will help reduce the amount of time you have to clean out spoiled milk every week.

Hand-washing is easier with the Nuk Cup. There are channels in the Nuk cup that allow you to use your sponge. Although a dishwasher is faster than a dishwasher, the test household had no dishwasher. Nuk’s design did not leave them worried about missing grime.

The cups offer a major improvement over the nightmare of trying to get into a silicone-sealed sippy-cup and searching vainly for the hidden, congealed what-it-is. The 360 cups have almost the same leak-proof performance.

Munchkin, which has a cup that features Hello Kitty and Paw Patrol branding, offers versions for kids. Nuk comes with PJ Masks. Every maker offers several generic, but still-friendly designs. A very similar cup is available for Disney characters, although we did not test it from The First Years Key takeaways.

Nuk – Magic 360’s spout-free design makes it easier to clean than a standard sippy cup.

It’s the perfect cup to drink milk from, as you can clearly see inside.

It’s leak-proof enough to use as a bedtime cup of water, but it can still cause a splash if dropped.

These are the Best Sippy Cups for Babies

These sippy cups are among the top I found after testing a variety of them on my son.

1. NuK Learner Sippy Cup $10 Amazon NUK Disney Learner Sippy Cup amazon This is my favorite trainer cup and also mine. It’s easy for him to hold and use, but when he throws it on the floor, water doesn’t go everywhere.

raved about it to me. It is loved by her 13-month old son. The trainer cup can be used for normal cups. It makes for a smooth transition when the time comes. It’s also easy to clean and travels well. Thanks to her and all other suggestions, I purchased one. My son also likes it. There is one caveat. If your child likes to throw things onto the ground (like mine), it can often spill.

3. Amazon Nuby Super Spout Easy Grip Cup 2-Pack, $8. Nuby 2-Pack No Spill Super Spot Easy Grip Cups, Red and blue Amazon. If you don’t mind the trainer handles but still need a cup with soft-spout, this option is great. This cup is easy to use for little hands thanks to its grippy, contoured base. My son and I love this one, and it doesn’t leak what more could you ask for?

Best Sippy Cup For Kids

Our Picks For The Best Sippy Cups For Kids

1. Philips My Bendy Straw Cup (2 Pack), $9, Amazon Philips My Bendy Straw Cup (2 Pack), Amazon The straw cup’s great performance makes it a favorite choice. Mom Olivia Porcello Cody told me it was a great transition to a straw for her son, who was used to tipping his bottle and spout sippy cups back. The straw is curved to facilitate this transition.

Rosa Nevins, my friend said that she loves this sippy cup the most with her 17-month-old son. “We’ve tried all the sippy cups,” she told me. “The straw ones are easiest to change to.” The best thing about the one she loves is its disintegration and ease of cleaning.

3. Amazon Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Sippy Cup – $20 Amazon. If you aren’t interested in using a sippy bottle, this silicone and stainless steel one is a good alternative. It’s been raved upon by some moms who joined one of my Facebook groups. Lindsey Voorhees stated that she introduced the product at six months and that it is still great for keeping our son hydrated. Kids will love the fact that it looks just like an adult water bottle.

. “They are cheap, and both of my sons loved using them,” she explained. “They are simple to clean, so I don’t feel bad about them getting lost.” However, she warns that they won’t spill if you put them in your bag if the water is full.

More of our parenting faves can be found at:

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Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

Buy from Amazon Buy at BuybuyBaby. The Munchkin Miracle 360 allows children to drink successfully anywhere along the spoutless edge by tilting the cup and sucking down on it. Your child will stop sucking and the valve will seal itself. It won’t spill on the floor if your kid decides not to use it. Parents like that it’s easy to clean, since there are no spouts, straws, or other extra parts. This design is safe for your teeth and encourages kids to develop the muscles necessary to drink. There’s also a stainless-steel option if you want to avoid plastic.


You will need to get rid of the silicone ring from the lid. It’s hard to spot, so it’ll be difficult for you to clean. Some children may require assistance in using the cup, since it doesn’t have a spout.

Parents say “The 360 cup works really well for us. My baby loves it so much!” “I really like these cups. It allows me to give my child the experience of having a large drink and also helps teach them how to use a cup. The best cup! If dropped on a hard ground, the cup won’t splash any liquids. Specifications



Top rack dishwasher safe

Best Sippy Cup For Kids

This Leakproof Sippy cup will save you so much time cleaning up and they’re all on Amazon

by Margeaux Baulch Klein As babies develop their fine-motor skills, they tend to drop things a lot. When it comes to sippy mugs, parents often opt for the most leak-free sippy cups. A leakproof sippy cups ensure that your child’s milk and juice stay in the cup, not spilling onto the floor or on the children’s clothing. And, a great leakproof sippy cups is a no-brainer option for when you’re on the go, since they offer the best protection for keeping your car and diaper bag from getting wet.

It can be difficult to find a sippy cup that does not leak. While many sippy cups are advertised as leak-proof, very few can withstand being dropped, dropped, and even thrown vigorously.

When shopping for one, the most important feature to consider in a leakproof cup is the design. Rimless 360-degree sippy cups tend to be highly rated because they automatically seal shut when not being sipped from. There are also leakproof alternatives if you prefer sippy cups with a straw.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup, the Best Sippy Cup

This Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup has received a glowing Amazon rating and over 8,000 user reviews. These sippy cups are among the most highly rated on Amazon. Sold in a set of two, each 7-ounce cup features a 360-degree drinking edge that was developed with both parents and toddlers in mind. You can let your child drink out of any portion of the rim. The valve seals tightly when the cup is not being used. It can even be dropped upside-down or turned upside down, so it won’t leak. Munchkin Miracle cups have handles for easier grasping. You can wash them in the dishwasher. They are also made with BPA-free, durable plastic.

According to one reviewer: “These are great for little hands trying to figure out how to drink. These were given to my 6-month old daughter when she was just five months. It’s been a great practice. The cups have been thrown around by her (with no leaks!) To understand that the handle is there to aid her with getting it to her lips, she has moved on from throwing them around (and no leaks!) These cups can be great and, to repeat, the handles are meant to help her get it up on her lips.

Is it OK for a child to stop using a Sippy cup at the age of 12?

From a sampling of responses from parents with toddlers, many of the answers range for making the switch between 2 to 3 years old. Some parents don’t want to give up on sippy cups, and others do not use them at all.

Should A 5 Year Old Use A Sippy Cup?

The AAP Pediatric Nutrition Manual states that children can quit sippy cups at 2-3 years old. Do they really hurt if you use them once in awhile to avoid spillages? Most likely not. It’s probably not okay if your child has an open cup as well as some sippy-cups with straws.

What Sippy Cup Should A 2 Year Old Use?

Munchkin 360 is the best no-spill sippy for toddlers. many parents. Many parents.

What Type Of Sippy Cup Is Best For Teeth?

It is better to choose a sippy cup with a slotted opening instead of a valve. You can let your child sip and not have to suck. This will reduce the amount of sugar and acid on the teeth.Jul 30, 2014

.Best Sippy Cup For Kids
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