How To Get Free Shipping At Costco

How To Get Free Shipping At Costco In 2022 (5 Methods)

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Founded July 12, 1976

; 45 years ago




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San Diego, California

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US$166.76 billion


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US$45.40 billion



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US$15.24 billion


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105.5 million


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Costco’s low prices will make it difficult to resist the temptation! If your shipping cost is too high, you might feel that you aren’t getting the best out of Costco.

  • This is why Costco has curated five different shipping methods. Just keep on reading to find them out…
  • Costco: How to Get Free Shipping in 2022
  • Method 1: Costco Grocery Delivery
  • Costco Grocery has the latest, most cost-effective Costco deal available for members.
  • Costco members can get shipping free of charge for orders above $75. You should ensure that the deal applies to larger shops.

    Costco Grocery does not charge shipping fees for orders more than $75. Costco Grocery guarantees Costco member a two-day wait to ship dry and nonperishable goods.

    This incentive not only helps you save money but will also help you ship your goods quickly and efficiently.

    You will pay $3 for delivery on orders lower than $75. Still a good deal. Costco Grocery will only be available in the Continental United States.

    You can click here to read more about Costco Grocery.

  • Method 2: Costco Same Day Instacart Delivery
  • Costco offers a special incentive to customers who order from Costco Grocery.

  • Costco’s Same Day Delivery policy is in accord with Instacart and offers members speedy delivery. Costco member can take advantage of this same-day delivery deal free, according our research.
  • Unfortunately, there is no same-day service available at the moment in most major metro areas.

    Click here to see if your area qualifies for same-day free shipping. Costco will notify you if your area qualifies for same-day shipping. Simply enter your zip code.

    These perks are usually only available to Costco members.

  • Non-members also have the option to be eligible for same-day deliveries on their first attempt.
  • Costco is open to all members. You can still make use of the service, and receive free shipping

    The free delivery is only available once. You must also be in an eligible ZIP code to receive the next-day delivery.

    The first shipping order will be free. After that, you’ll pay $5.99 and Instacart will charge a 10% fee.

    For members and non-members, to enjoy this free delivery option you must spend a minimum total of $35.

  • Method 3: Costco Promotion Deals
  • Costco sometimes offers members free shipping

    Keep an eye on the email newsletters you receive and subscribe to email notifications.

  • These will allow you to stay up to date on all Costco promotions, even the free shipping.
  • Another option is to sign up for the app called “Giving Assistant”. This app will notify you by text instead of email about any Costco discounts.

  • Method 4: Shipping coupons free of charge
  • Costco may not offer coupons directly for shipping free, but they have other coupons which will reduce shipping costs. It will basically be the same thing as receiving free shipping
  • You can keep up with the latest Costco coupon codes and other discount offers by visiting this website.

  • Costco has a 20% discount on all orders if they subscribe to their mailing lists. This easy and quick way to make up any lost shipping costs is a great option!
  • Deals and discounts that expire after the date they are expired will be invalid.

  • Method 5 – Instacart Refer a friend Scheme
  • Like method number 4 this trick will not directly influence your shipping, but it will reduce the overall cost of your grocery order, meaning that you will pay a similar price as you would with free shipping.

  • Instacart is a delivery service that has partnered with Costco!
  • Instacart offers a “refer a friend” promotion. This means that you can get a 10% discount on the next order if your friend registers after you have referred them.

    You can find out more information about shipping in our posts related to how you get free shipping to Target and Walmart.

    Our related posts include Costco’s delivery of alcohol and appliances. Costco also delivers pizza.

    Costco offers free shipping

    You get it free if your order is $75+, and $3 if the order falls below $75. You can order it through Costco’s website. Costco Same Day Delivery via Instacart allows you to get your Costco products fresh, and they will be delivered right away. Oct 9, 2017.

    Costco Members Get Free Shipping offers two-day delivery to members. also provides free delivery on all orders $75 and more. But non-members will need to make do with 3-5 day shipping.Feb 4, 2019

    Costco Delivery is so Expensive

    Costco’s same-day grocery delivery does not incur an additional charge. However, the items will be priced higher in order to compensate for shipping and handling costs. A $35 minimum purchase is required. Costco will not conceal that Costco’s grocery delivery service can be more costly than regular shopping.

    .How To Get Free Shipping At Costco In 2022 (5 Methods)

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