Emergency Dentist In Oklahoma City

Emergency Dentist In Oklahoma City

emergency dentist in oklahoma city

Oklahoma City Emergency Dental Care

Have you been diagnosed with a Oklahoma City emergency dental situation? Most cases require prompt care to ease pain and preserve the tooth’s survival chances. OKC Dental Arts can handle any type of emergency treatment. If you need an urgent dentist in Oklahoma City for any reason, we are available immediately. Since we understand dental emergencies that can occur after hours, we do our best to be accessible 24 hours a day. You should always go to the nearest emergency room immediately if we cannot help you.

Sometimes trauma, grinding, biting or biting on very hard things can cause tooth fractures. In other cases, fillings, crowns, and other restorative devices can be damaged or fall out of the mouth completely. It is important to call our office immediately if you feel severe pain. Dental issues are a serious threat to your physical health and can lead to severe dental pain.

Types of Oklahoma City dental emergencies and how to deal with them Avulsed tooth (tooth knocked out) If a tooth has been knocked clean out of the mouth, it is essential to see a dentist immediately. The tissues, nerves, blood vessels, and tissue that surround a tooth can be damaged if it leaves. If the tooth can be placed back into its socket within an hour, there is a chance the tissues will grow to support the tooth once again.

Here are some steps to take:

Call our office.

Take the tooth and hold it by its crown. Rinse with warm water. The root should not be touched.

You can place it back into the socket.

If the tooth cannot be placed in the mouth, put the tooth into a cup of milk, saliva, or water as a last resort. You must keep your tooth from drying out.

You can reach us quickly and securely.

We will try to replace the tooth in its natural socket. Sometimes the tooth can be reattached, in other cases the root canal treatment may be required.

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Address: 1057 N.W. Grand Boulevard Oklahoma City. OK 73118 Doctors : Michael K. Kirk D.D.S.

Description: Oklahoma City’s Dr. Kirk offers the most comprehensive emergency dental services. A wide range of services are offered by Dr. Kirk, such as crowns or bridges, fillings, dental implants and so on. He can help you regardless of what hour it is, however, it’s important that your urgent dental care provider be called before coming. You will find that his team is friendly, helpful, and fast.

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Root canal treatment is something that you shouldn’t take lightly. It can have serious consequences for your dental health. You don’t need to look far if you are looking for an Oklahoma City emergency dentist for any dental issues.

A broken tooth, root canal issue, or a lost crown is considered a dental emergency. If you don’t contact an emergency dentist as soon as possible, a minor broken tooth concern can escalate into a significant dental problem, putting your oral health at risk. Call an emergency dentist to schedule an exam so that your problem does not get worse.

Oklahoma City Emergency Dental Pros will take care of your smile and keep it healthy. Our emergency dentists are knowledgeable and skilled in treating infections, handling toothaches, replacing lost fillings and repairing a broken tooth. We want to make sure your mouth doesn’t suffer from trauma and pain. Whatever dental issue you may be facing, we can help.

We understand dental emergencies can happen any time of the day or night, so we are here for you whenever the need arises. There is no need to wait for an appointment on Tuesday at 8:00 am or Thursday at 7:30 pm. Emergency Dental Pros in Oklahoma City is your best choice for emergency dentistry.

emergency dentist in oklahoma city

You don’t have to wait. We can help you get the dental care that you need – contact us!

Oklahoma City, OK is a lively city, with many things to do. It has seen a rise in people who move here. Emergency Dental Pros grew right with the city’s innovative spirit. With the passage of time, we’ve evolved to adapt to our patients’ changing needs. Anything dental-related can be handled by us. We can assist you with any kind of dental problem, such as a toothache or loss, whether it is a tooth that has fallen out, a filling that has been lost, teeth cleaning, and so on. A damaged tooth or mouth issue can lead to serious complications. We have years of dental experience and can often treat your emergency within one visit.

You don’t have to suffer if you’re in pain for several hours. Tooth pain does not usually go away. Contact our emergency dentist as soon as possible to find immediate relief. Oklahoma City Emergency Dental Pros schedules root canal or crown therapy as soon as they can. We can provide you with the urgent dental care that you require. A cold compress can temporarily relieve severe pain from your teeth. You will still need proper treatment to treat the root problem.

Contact us anytime between 7:00 AM on Monday and 12:30 PM on Tuesday. We are available around the clock, so we are here for you any day of the week, whether it is 8:30 pm on Thursday, 2:30 pm on Wednesday, or 6:00 pm on Friday. Do not risk a serious tooth infection; schedule an appointment today with our reliable OKC dentists.

Call Oklahoma City Dental Care for Emergency Services

Not all dental issues are emergencies that require urgent treatment. Patients may hesitate to make an appointment with a dentist emergency specialist because they believe that over-the-counter medications or rest will relieve the pain.

You should immediately call our office if you experience pain or bleeding, and especially if your fever is high. Whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, or Friday, if you are having these symptoms you should visit our office and see our dentistry experts as soon as possible. Neglecting to address these signs can pose a risk for your oral health.

Regular preventive care can help avoid dire situations. We will perform a complete examination at our office and address any minor issues before they become serious. To provide pain relief, we address the root causes of dental problems.

Don’t delay; call our Oklahoma City dental emergency experts right away. Our office is available Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 8:00 and Thursday from 4:00 to 5. For an appointment, call us. Our local office is open to all patients, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For many of our patients, we are their first option when dealing with trauma, infection, mouth injury, and more. All of the dentistry experts in our group hold an accredited DDS degree. Therefore, they have the ability to deal with a wide range dental issues including tooth decay or crown problems. One of our dentists is available Monday to Thursday, 8:00am, Thursday, 7:00pm and Wednesday, 10:30 pm. We have licensed specialists in Oklahoma City who will ensure you receive the care you deserve.

emergency dentist in oklahoma city

Our dental services are the finest – we will treat you like royalty.

When it comes to your dental care, we know that you have options. Our goal is to be the best. Through exceeding patients’ expectations, our goal is to earn their trust. Every customer deserves a pleasant experience.

Our staff are friendly and willing to go above and beyond for you during your dental visit. Our emergency dentists begin with examining you. We’ll examine all areas of your dental health and look at the gums.

We will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine your specific needs and preferences. Our dentist will examine you with great care and expertise in our emergency room in Oklahoma City.

It is a pleasure to welcome you into our OKC office. You can expect a friendly staff and high-tech equipment in a relaxed setting. You may visit us on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday – or any day. Our dental services are also available on weekends and even on scheduled holidays.

Emergency Dental Pros has a 24/7 service to take care of your emergency dental needs. Call us at any time between 5:00am and 11:00pm the same day. Our Oklahoma dentistry experts are on call in the early morning hours and in the evening to provide the services you need as soon as possible. Get checked by our dental experts to check the health of your mouth, teeth and gums.

We believe you deserve only the best. So we’ll schedule an appointment right away. For a general checkup or routine cleaning, call our hotline 24 hours a day.

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Emergency Dentist – Oklahoma City, Ok

You rarely see a dental emergency coming – that’s part of what makes it an emergency. However, it is crucial to have a list of people you can call to help you when one does occur.

Oklahoma City emergency dentist Dr. Brad Mitchell takes dental emergencies seriously. He and his team will make every effort to offer prompt care. To preserve a patient’s smile and maintain their oral health, it is important to address urgent dental problems as soon as possible. In cases where a patient has lost a tooth, for instance, a few minutes can mean the difference between saving the tooth and needing to replace it with a prosthetic.

Mitchell Smile Design strives to respond quickly to dental emergencies. We can also help with any planning.

emergency dentist in oklahoma city

Why Choose Mitchell Smile Design For Emergency Dental Care?

A Team Of Highly Talented Dentists Who Will Treat You As Family

Same Day Appointments For Emergency Patients

Dental Insurance – CareCredit Financing

Dental emergencies may occur suddenly due to injury or accident. Others develop slowly from poor dental hygiene. Mitchell Smile Design can help you with any type of emergency. Give us a call first. Here is what you can do from there:

We will schedule an emergency appointment the same day as you call. We also offer first aid instructions by phone so that you are able to handle your emergency until we reach you.

Mitchell will be available for your emergency exam. As soon as we receive you, Dr. Mitchell from Oklahoma City will arrange for an immediate exam. The doctor will gather information and address your immediate pain.

Take a look at the results and create a plan of action: Dr. Mitchell will then review your findings and explain all options. You’ll work together to create a treatment plan that addresses the problem and gets your dental health back on track.

You can get the help you need immediately: After a treatment plan is established, we start to restore your smile and preserve your teeth. You’ll soon have a healthy smile again, with no pain!

Something Stuck Between Teeth

Every dental emergency is different. You can bet that no two dental emergencies are alike. Even if a friend comes in complaining of toothache, their underlying cause could differ. That would result in different treatment options and unique prices. The only way to know the cost of a dental emergency is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mitchell. Dr. Mitchell will only be able examine you and recommend the best treatment. This will provide you with a more accurate estimate of what you should pay for your treatment.

It is good to be reassured that Dr. Mitchell’s team will help you should there be a serious dental emergency in Oklahoma City. However, it is better to prevent them from happening. It’s possible to avoid them by:

You can maintain good oral hygiene by brushing twice a daily for two minutes, flossing at minimum once a each day, and rinsing off with an ADA-approved toothpaste.

A mouthguard should be worn when you play sport, or suffer from bruxism.

Do not eat hard, crunchy, and unhealthy foods like chips or hard candy.

Do not use your teeth to open containers or packages

Nobody wants to have to deal with a serious dental problem. With the information above, however, you will be ready in case of an emergency. Here are some frequently asked questions by patients to ensure that you can confidently decide on the right smile for you. You can always reach our Oklahoma City emergency dentist if you have any specific questions.

.Emergency Dentist In Oklahoma City

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I have been going to this place for the last 5 years. I have had many problems. They took care of them. The customer service, care, guidance and treatment I have got have been always extraordinary. Everyone is professional and dedicated to deliver the best. I am sorry, I don’t remember all the names of the wonderful staff. Some of the names of the wonderful team members I remember I would like to mention like : Dr. Bains, Alex, Anna and Rupa. A big thank you for all the years for the amazing service🙏 Keep up the great work. You all are amazing! – RIGHT PATH LEARNING
I have been going to Angel Care Dental since I was a young child… so quite a while 😉 and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The facility is beautiful, the care and gentle touch mean everything to me because I don’t like going to the dentist – who does? But it’s different here and I leave feeling genuinely happy. Mihaela is the BEST hygienist and Dr Galo is kind and extremely gentle. Even a root canal isn’t half bad with Dr Galo! Dr Soraya is also wonderful! Thanks Angel Care. ☺️ – Tara H

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