Best Battery Trimmers

Wahl Groomsman Battery Operated Beard Trimming Kit For Mustaches, Hair, Nose Hair, And Light Detailing And Grooming With Bonus Wet/Dry Electric Nose Trimmer – Model 5621

The Wahl Groomsman Battery Operated Beard Trimming kit for Mustaches, Hair, Nose Hair, and Light Detailing and Grooming with Bonus Wet/Dry Electric Nose Trimmer – Model 5621 Stainless Steel Blades is a high-quality, battery operated beard trimming kit. The kit comes with a variety of beard combs, a nose and ear trimmer, a storage pouch, and a styling guide. The blades are precision-ground and stay sharp longer, making them perfect for trimming mustaches, hair, nose hair, and light detailing and grooming. The kit is also cordless, making it convenient to use.

Wahl Groomsman Battery Operated Beard Trimming kit for Mustaches, Hair, Nose Hair, and Light Detailing and Grooming with Bonus Wet/Dry Electric Nose Trimmer – Model 5621 Stainless Steel Blades – Our high-carbon precision-ground blades stay sharp longer, use in conjunction with our six-position beard regulator for multiple face trimming lengths; our beard guards vary from stubble to short & clean, to thick & even 14 Cutting Lengths – Achieve a range of beard styles with 14 different trimming lengths from 1/16” to 1/2”; Battery powered for cordless convenience, comes with bonus nose & ear trimmer with rinsible head that allows you to clean up unwanted hair 2-In-1 Grooming Kit – Includes adjustable guide comb, 3 stubble combs and 4 hair guide combs, storage travel zipper pouch, styling guide, and the finest self-sharpening precision blades

Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper – 2021 Professional Painless Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer For Men Women, Battery-Operated Trimmer With Ipx7 Waterproof, Dual Edge Blades For Easy Cleansing Black

ZORAMI Nose Hair Trimmer – 2021 Professional Painless Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer for Men Women, Battery-Operated Trimmer with IPX7 Waterproof, Dual Edge Blades for Easy Cleansing – Black Brand: ZORAMI ZORAMI Nose Hair Trimmer – 2021 Professional Painless Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer for Men Women, Battery-Operated Trimmer with IPX7 Waterproof, Dual Edge Blades for Easy Cleansing – Black

ZORAMI Nose Hair Trimmer – The Best Way to Remove Nose Hair Easily and Comfortably! Looking for a trimmer that is both effective and comfortable to use? Look no further than the ZORAMI nose hair trimmer! This trimmer is designed to easily and comfortably remove unwanted nose hair, making it a great choice for anyone looking to improve their appearance. Plus, its dual-edge spinning blades provide smooth and precise results, while its waterproof design ensures that it stays clean and dry even in the most challenging of situations. Plus, its easy-to-use one-button design makes it a breeze to use, even for those with less experience. Finally, its energy-saving and whisper-quiet operation makes it a great choice for anyone on the go. So don’t wait any longer, order your ZORAMI nose hair trimmer today!

Sun Joe Hj604C 7.2-Volt 2-In-1 1250-Rpm Cordless Grass Shear / Shrubber Handheld Trimmer, Rechargeable On-Board Lithium-Ion Battery And Charger Included

The Snow Joe HJ604C 7.2-Volt 2-in-1 1250-RPM Cordless Grass Shear / Shrubber Handheld Trimmer, Rechargeable On-board Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger Included is a versatile and lightweight grass shear/hedge trimmer that is perfect for small gardens and areas your mower cannot reach. With a rechargeable on-board lithium-ion battery and charger included, this trimmer is easy to use and efficient, boasting a battery life of up to 30 minutes.

Sun Joe HJ604C 7.2-Volt 2-in-1 1250-RPM Cordless Grass Shear / Shrubber Handheld Trimmer, Rechargeable On-board Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger Included: Looking for a versatile, cordless grass shear/hedge trimmer that can handle small gardens and areas your mower cannot reach? Look no further than the Sun Joe HJ604C 7.2-Volt 2-in-1 1250-RPM Cordless Grass Shear / Shrubber Handheld Trimmer! This trimmer is perfect for small gardens and hedge grooming, and features a rechargeable on-board lithium-ion battery and charger. Plus, it converts easily from a grass shear to a hedger, with a blade length of 4″ (Shear) and 6″ (Hedger). Plus, the lightweight design and ergonomic handle make it easy to control and handle. With Snow Joe’s two-year warranty, you can rest assured that your new grass shear/hedge trimmer is backed by quality. Contact Snow Joe today to order yours!

Conairman Battery-Powered Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer

This cordless men’s trimmer has a unique 3 bevel blade for close ear/nose trimming and comes with a detail trimmer and shaver attachment to create the perfect edge and line. The trimmer is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included).

Looking for a cordless nose/ear trimmer that can handle any hair type? Look no further than ConairMAN! This trimmer has a 360 degree beveled blade system for close trimming and comes with a detail trimmer and shaver attachment to create the perfect edge and line. Plus, it’s portable and powerful, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Greenworks 24V 12-Inch String Trimmer / Edger, 2Ah Battery And Charger Included 21342

The Greenworks 24V 12-Inch String Trimmer / Edger, 2Ah Battery and Charger Included is perfect for those looking for a durable, easy to use trimmer. With a pivoting head, this trimmer allows for edging and trimming capability. The electric start eliminates gas hassle, less maintenance and 0 fumes. The wrap around cut path with .065 single line auto feed for easy line advance makes this trimmer easy to use. The 40 inch compatible Greenworks replacement spool, model 29252 and 29092 Battery and charger included are also included.
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Looking for an easy-to-use, cordless string trimmer that can handle a variety of trimming tasks? Look no further than the Greenworks 24V 12-Inch String Trimmer / Edger! This trimmer has a pivoting head that allows for edging and trimming capability, as well as a .065 single line auto feed for easy line advance. Plus, the handle type is wrap around, making it easy to navigate the cut path. Plus, the shaft length is 40 inch, so it’s compatible with a variety of battery models and chargers.

Best Battery Trimmers

Best Battery Trimmers

The Best String Trimmer for Cutting Diameters

A third factor is cutting swath. The 13-inch trimmers are generally more efficient. This range can be able to use less torque while maintaining speed. Pros are more likely to pay attention to trimmers in the 15-inch range. You’ll occasionally see professional trimmers take off the entire guard. You can get away with that on powerful gas models though they aren’t designed for it. This will reduce both the cutting speed as well as run time of your battery string trimmer.

Eighteen of our models make it to the 15 inch mark. Many more are further ahead. Husqvarna stops short at 15.75inches, Echo, Greenworks or Kobalt can stretch to 16.8inches.

The majority of trimmers we sell use 0.08-inch trimmer wire. Professionals require at least 0.095″, and better yet 0.105″. The thicker line doesn’t break as easily so you spend more time trimming and less time changing in addition to the cutting power of a thicker line. Most of these come with the 0.0.080-inch line. However, many can be adjusted to the stock head for 0.095.

Stihl’s trimmer head can be used to handle 0.105 inch out of its box. Both Husqvarna and Stihl can use trimmer heads that have greater capacity as upgrades. Husqvarna upgraded their 536LiL specifically to handle their grass and wood cutting blades – something none of the others are rated for.

Although professional lawn crews have designated machines for trimming strings, edging and trimming hedges and other tasks, homeowners could save significant money by using different heads and tools to cover every task, including blowing and brush cutting. The attachments that go with Pro models aren’t as important to us.

Ryobi’s entire design is built around the Expand-It system of accessories. Ryobi offers a wide range of accessories, and it is universal so there are no restrictions on what you can do with the Expand-It system. Greenworks and Kobalt are also universal attachment ready, though Kobalt recommends that you not use a brushcutter.

Echo has an attachment design, but only rates it to use the Echo string trimmer attachment. Echo may at some point consider offering Echo-branded attachments.

Our Choice

Ego ST1511T Power+ String Trimmer with Powerload The best string trimmer Ego’s ST1511T far outperformed the other brands in run time and power. Telescoping shaft, handle and grip make this tool easy to use even during extended trimming sessions.

Amazon $219* – $200 at Lowe’s

The Ego ST1511T power+ string trimmer with powerload has a higher level of performance than other cordless cutters. This trimmer cut through 1-inch-thick Japanese knotweed as if it were grass, while the others pathetically slapped their strings against the thick stalks. You would expect the trimmer to make a lot of noise considering its power. This trimmer is quieter than other models, and has a hair-dryer sound that sounds more like a hair dryer. The latest model in the long-running line of Ego trimmers is distinguished by a telescoping shaft that can be adjusted easily and an easy adjustment for the secondary hand. This makes it suitable for many different heights and body types.

Ego ST1511T costs half as much as traditional gas tools but is as effective and as affordable. It also doesn’t have messy fuel, smelly exhaust, nor time-consuming maintenance. This cordless trimmer is also one of the most powerful we have seen. With enough power to handle a 1 foot wide strip of grass nearly two-thirds mile in length, it can be charged with just one charge. It also features a push button line-loading system that eliminates the tedious task of changing the line to the spool. Although there are many options, we found the Ego to be the most straightforward. It wasn’t the lightest trimmer we tried, but its excellent balance and handle adjustments made it one of the simplest to swing around and maneuver in tight spots. This replaces the Ego ST1521S trimmer, which was nearly identical with the exception of the telescoping shaft.


Best Battery Trimmers

Seven Best Battery-Powered String Timmers of 2022 (Reviews)

These battery-powered tools for lawn care, such as string trimming machines, are growing in popularity every year.

This list will help you make the right choice when it comes to a string trimmer battery powered.

A string trimmer, also known as weedeaters, weed wackers and weed trimmers is necessary to maintain a perfectly manicured lawn. Although battery-powered trimmers are silent, easy to operate, they also have some disadvantages.

You will find helpful tips and information in our buyers guide to assist you in deciding if you should go battery-powered. First, we’ll look at some of the most popular battery-powered string mizers for this year.

Review of the Top 7 Best Battery-Powered String Trimmers. The WORX W191 56V string trimming/edger is powered by a powerful 56-volt lithium-ion battery. This trimmer/edger can be used to cut tall or thick grass with a similar performance as if it were a gasoline engine. The trimmer’s commercial-grade 0.08 in. trimmer lines will let you know it is intended for heavy duty work.

Plus, the weed eater has a pivoting head design and an extended reach straight shaft design. This allows you to get in all of your backyard’s corners.

The WG191 is the perfect tool for cutting weeds, or giving your lawn a nice edge. You can convert the tool from a weed trimmer to an edger and back by simply pushing a button and twisting the shaft.

It’s versatile for different grass conditions, too, with the variable speed control feature. The variable speed trigger allows you to increase the torque in overgrown areas of your lawn or decrease it for easy parts. This will extend the battery’s life.

Many users noted that while the WORX WG191 is comparable in power to a gas string cutter, there are some limitations.

The trimmer runs on one charge for approximately 15-20 minutes. This takes around 90 minutes. The average time it takes to trim around a yard is about 15 minutes. But, larger yards may require more.

There are pros and cons to using a battery-powered string trimmer

As with corded or gas-powered electric trimmers, batteries have both advantages and drawbacks. These pros and cons will help you decide whether battery-powered trimmers are right for your yard.


More environmentally friendly than electric cars.

Most can’t compete with gas in terms of power More expensive than comparable gas and corded electric models Limited by battery’s run time, usually about 15-30 minutes Have to buy new batteries about every two to three years Ultimately, battery-powered string trimmers are best for small yards rather than large yards because of their time limitations. Because they lack power and torque, they are best suited to lawns with little or no weeds and thick grass.

Best Battery Trimmers

What Do The Specs Really Mean?

There are many specs to consider when looking at various battery-powered trimmers, either on the list below or online from different retailers. In this section, we’ll help you understand what some of these measurements mean and how you can use them to figure out which trimmer is best for your yard.

These were the elements we considered when ranking the most battery-powered string mizers of the year.

Voltage: Most of the time, the first thing you’ll notice about a cordless string trimmer is the voltage of its battery. This voltage is used to determine the power output of your trimmer. A higher voltage indicates more power.

To cut through dense, tall grass and weeds with high voltage trimmers, more powerful batteries are required.

Trimmer cutting swath. Sometimes called the cutting width, the trimming swath (or cutting width) is how large a piece of grass can be cut. A larger cutting width will allow you to cover more ground quickly and trim your yard quicker. If you need to trim in tight spots, it might be beneficial to use a smaller width.

String trimmers with adjustable head cutting heads such as our picks are so convenient.

Line diameter. This refers to the length of the trimmer string a particular trimmer can carry. The string will have a stronger and more stable growth if it has a thicker material.

A majority of residential string trimmers have a line length of 0.065 inches. This should suffice for most needs. Others can even use 0.08-inch strings, which are between professional and amateur-grade.

Weight: It seems basic, but weight is an important number to pay attention to when shopping for string trimmers or similar power tools. The trimmer you choose will be too heavy to move around your yard.

Know the limits of your upper body strength and choose your string trimmer accordingly. Some trimmers are equipped with shoulder straps so that you can reduce your arm and back strain.


If you want your lawn to look its best, you can’t go without a string trimmer. Numerous homeowners prefer battery-powered string trimmers over gas because they emit less pollution than the equivalent of gas, and are not tied to an extension cable.

These top options are affordable and suitable for anyone who has decided that a battery powered string trimmer would be the best option.

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Best Battery Trimmers

How string trimmers work

String trimmers can run off either electricity or gas. Will Hudson, Senior Merchant of Outdoor Power Equipment for The Home Depot, explains the difference between them.

Hudson suggested that a gas string trimmer be used for “power to tackle the most difficult jobs without the use of an extension cable.” Hudson also recommended non-ethanol gasoline.

An electric string trimmer is able to carry constant amounts of power via an electrical outlet.

The battery-powered string trimmer produces less noise, and can be used with many other outdoor and indoor power tools. Hudson suggests looking at the total wattage of each string trimmer to compare them. The more power, the higher the wattage.

Monji explained that the best choice for homeowners is a high-powered battery model. This will eliminate any worries about wiring or gas. For the average yard, Bateman agreed that battery-powered string trimmer would be best, especially since he has seen battery life improve significantly in recent years. It is also important to consider the type of weeds that you are dealing with in your back and front yards when deciding whether or not you will need an electric or gas trimmer. Bateman says that an electric, or battery-powered trimmer may be more effective in thick weeds than one using gas.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that electric or gas-powered string trimmers should not be used at your home. For larger properties, gas provides the most power these trimmers do generally require more upkeep and are heavier to carry around, Bateman advised. And electric string trimmers, which tend to be the most affordable of the three, are more suitable for small yards since a cord can only go so far, he added.

Manufacturers Are Opting For More Battery Power Rather Than Fuel Or Electric Power. Are You Considering Investing in One of These Eco-Friendly Yard Maintenance Equipment? can earn a commission from you if your product is purchased through one our links.

Check Latest Price BLACK+DECKER Cordless String Trimmer Check Latest Price Makita XRU15Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Trimmer Check Latest Price


Handy outdoor power tools make quick work of tackling overgrown weeds and grass, giving the yard a neat, tidy look, and trimming hedges and shrubs. The string trimmer can give your lawn an elegant look. As opposed to gas string trimmers , new and improved battery-powered models don’t require mixing fuel or storing gasoline, and are not limited by extension cord length.

The following picks for the best battery trimmer are at the top of their class, and if you’re looking to invest in a new tool, one is sure to fit your landscaping needs.

CSS3_ BLACK+DECKER Cordless Trimmer Makita LXT 18VLXT Lithium Ion Trimmer BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Trimmer/Edger

Greenworks 80V Cordless Trimmer


Best Battery Trimmers

What is the Best Cordless Trimmer to Buy?

Consider these factors when you decide which cordless wee trimmer to buy:

You should ensure that you get the right size battery. It is important to not pay for too much, and to avoid the possibility of your battery dying.

You will be the one carrying the trimmer around. You should look for lighter models that offer excellent maneuverability.

A trimmer should have enough protection against flying debris. Goggles are a must when you are whacking grass or rocks.

To prevent the weedwhacker from running accidentally when it is not being used, look for one that features a trigger lock. This should not be difficult to reach.

You will need to decide whether you would prefer an automatic feed system, or a bump-feed system. Both work well so it is up to you which one suits your needs. The spools of more costly trimmers are usually easier to load with new lines.

It is important to choose sturdy construction.

Look for one that’s well balanced. Because you will use your trimmer often, it needs to feel good to the touch.

Which Battery Powered Trimmer Is Best?

  1. WORX WG191 57V 13” Cordless String Trimmer & Edger.
  2. BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX String Trimmer / Edger, 13-Inch (LST140C)
  3. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger Kit, 10-Inch (LST201)
  4. WORX WG163GT 3.0 20V powerShare 12″ cordless string trimmer & edger

Are Battery Powered Line Trimmers Any Good?

A battery-powered trimmer can be a great choice if you live in an area with lots of homes. If you need to trim larger areas with dense and lush foliage or require more power, then a petrol trimmer can be a great choice.

.Best Battery Trimmers